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2022-11-01 11:20

Since Datian CNC MD series powerful cutting machining center entered the market three years ago, it has been the practical application goal to improve the production efficiency of 20-50% for customers. This company is the agent processing of engineering machinery products, mainly focusing on drilling and chamfering. In order to think of benefits, we need to improve the production efficiency, so we specially purchased our patented MD series powerful cutting machining center.

Mr. Chen, the user, fed back the problem of pain points encountered in the processing: the iron filings in the drilling hole were too long, which was difficult to clean, and also affected the product finish. The main reason is that the workpiece is made of low alloy carburized steel (20crmnTi), which has high hardness on the outside and soft internal material, causing serious entanglement of the iron chips of the fried dough twist drill drilling bit and excessive entanglement of the iron chips of the U drill drilling (the length of the iron chips is about 20cm), which often needs to be shut down for cleaning. Moreover, it is very troublesome to clean the chips, which is also easy to cause water tank blockage and leakage.

After careful observation and analysis on site, Datian CNC Huagong believed that the main reasons for the excessive winding of iron filings were: 1. The fried dough twist drill did not grind the drill bit regularly during drilling. 2. The three elements of U drilling and cutting are unreasonable. 3. The intelligent automatic chip breaking function developed by Datian strong cutting machine has not been implemented. For this reason, Huagong first trained the operators to grind the drill bit. Grinding the drill bit well is also a way to improve the processing efficiency. Then, according to the high rigidity and large torque performance of the company's forced cutting machine, referring to the efficient application database, the three cutting elements are optimized, and finally the intelligent automatic chip breaking function is opened and implemented for users. Finally, the processing time of the process of punching and chamfering products was shortened from 510 seconds to 380 seconds, which was increased by 25% on the original basis, so that customers really felt the charm of the efficient application of the large day control and forced cutting machine. Mr. Chen spoke highly of Datian's machine tools and its application.



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