The company has established Zhejiang Intelligent and Efficient Composite R&D Center, with a R&D team of more than 50 people, 6 senior engineers, and a number of products jointly developed and identified with academicians Tan Jianrong, Wang Huisheng and Shen Weiming.

The technical leader of the company is the chairman Wang Yuanqing, the former director of Hangzhou Combined Machine Tool Research Institute, a professor-level senior engineer, graduated from Zhejiang University with a bachelor's degree, and has more than 50 years of research experience in high-grade composite machine tools; General Manager Wang Wenyu, Senior Engineer; Lu Changyong is vice president of technology, senior engineer.

The company cooperates with the team of academician Tan Jianrong of Zhejiang University to work on major special projects in Zhejiang Province and "top soldiers" and "leading geese" projects in Zhejiang Province; Cooperate with the team of Academician Shen Weiming of the Institute of Computer Technology Innovation of Zhejiang University to work on artificial intelligence projects; Cooperative database project with Zhejiang Dianzi University; Cooperate with Zhejiang University of Science and Technology CNC machine tool product design and industrialization project; Cooperate with Zhejiang Barton Welding Technology Research Institute for advanced fixture projects.

50 person

R&D team

6 person

Senior engineer


50 years of production technology accumulation, providing intelligent precision, high speed and high precision, powerful and efficient, five-axis linkage machine tools

Dayday Control is a national high-tech enterprise, a national torch plan undertaking enterprise, and a national innovation fund undertaking enterprise; It is a high-efficiency composite R&D center of Zhejiang Province, which has undertaken three national science and technology projects, three provincial and municipal science and technology major projects, and has dozens of patented technologies, including 7 invention patents and 20 software copyrights. The fourth generation of intelligent vertical machining center product segmentation and upgrade to meet the personalized needs of users, with the excellent characteristics of "high efficiency, high precision, composite and intelligence".


Datan CNC's main products or services: high-speed and high-precision machining center, five-axis Simultaneously controllable machining center, functional complex machining center, flexible manufacturing units, Hardware, software and service providers for R&D and production of high-end and mid-to-high-end CNC machine tools.

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Address: Lin Pu high tech Development zone of xiaoshan  District of Hangzhou city in Zhejiang province China

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