Highly efficient machine tools and artificial intelligence senior integration

 Highly efficient machine tools and artificial intelligence senior integration
Artificial intelligence is the core technology of international competition. The deep integration of China's artificial intelligence and the real economy concerns the important link of China's development from a manufacturing power to an intelligent power, the international competitiveness of China's strategic new production and leading enterprises in various industries, the deep integration of artificial intelligence and high-end machine tools into high-end machine tool design, the only function of machine tools, the processing technology database and the optimized process system, Database and storage of artificial intelligence, adaptive and efficient technology of artificial intelligence.

  1. The design platform and design tool software of intelligent machine tools, through analysis and comparison of the design case base, provide the design scheme, determine the best design scheme through human-computer interaction, carry out finite element analysis and improvement, simulation technology verification, prototype trial production improvement, process verification and improvement, and finally form products that meet the market demand
  2. Intelligent machine tools are integrated with intelligent technology.
  3. The intelligent manufacturing technology of intelligent machine tools includes ERP, MES production information management, ISO9000 quality certification, CE and EU safety certification.
  4. Machine tool processing data acquisition and storage, human-computer interaction expert system, big data analysis and process optimization system, machine learning process automation optimization system,
  5. Based on artificial intelligence, the company's efficient adaptive processing technology, adaptive drilling chip breaking technology.

Datan CNC's main products or services: high-speed and high-precision machining center, five-axis Simultaneously controllable machining center, functional complex machining center, flexible manufacturing units, Hardware, software and service providers for R&D and production of high-end and mid-to-high-end CNC machine tools.

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