Efficient application helps users solve the problem of pain points

Efficient and intelligent services include pre-sales efficient machine tool selection and beat calculation, providing customers with personalized process technology solutions, trial processing and closing verification of process solutions, delivery verification of order efficient technology, efficient machine tool after-sales service and personnel training, and timeliness and effectiveness of maintenance services.

  1. Selection of efficient machine tools and beat calculation
  2. Provide users with personalized process technology solutions
  3. Closing verification of trial processing of process plan
  4. Delivery acceptance of efficient machine tool orders
  5. After sales service and personnel training of efficient machine tools
  6. Timeliness and effectiveness of maintenance services

Datan CNC's main products or services: high-speed and high-precision machining center, five-axis Simultaneously controllable machining center, functional complex machining center, flexible manufacturing units, Hardware, software and service providers for R&D and production of high-end and mid-to-high-end CNC machine tools.

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Address: Lin Pu high tech Development zone of xiaoshan  District of Hangzhou city in Zhejiang province China

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