CNC vertical machining center for military accessories

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2022-11-01 10:13

CNC vertical machining center for military accessories



Company plant

It is located on the north bank of the Yellow River, the core manufacturing base in northern Henan, and Xinxiang Industrial Park in Henan Province. The transportation is convenient, and 146126 buses are direct. The company has main equipment: various tonnage punch; Shearing bending machine, wire cutting EDM machine; CNC lathe; CNC horizontal machining center; CNC vertical machining center; CNC three-dimensional pipe bender; NC tube end forming machine; Complete set of welding and riveting equipment. It mainly processes military products, such as fighters, satellites and other parts.


Production site drawing


The company's main products: fighter aircraft, satellite parts. Since the precision and finish of the processed products are required to be high, the selection of machine tools must not be too inferior, so first of all, there are requirements for the selected machine tools:
1. The rotating speed should be high and the fast moving speed should also be fast
2. High positioning accuracy
3. The overall rigidity and anti-seismic performance of the machine tool must be superior to ordinary machine tools.


Customer site: CNC vertical machining center


Datian's machine tools are better than ordinary machine tool manufacturers in terms of configuration, machine tool structure, machine tool rigidity, precision, appearance, speed, etc. In addition, Datian has a group of highly paid Japanese and Taiwanese engineers who have decades of assembly experience, which is unanimously recognized by the industry and also envied by the industry. The service provided by Dayan is considerate and attentive. The machining level of Hangzhou Datian CNC machine tools in this military industry has always been excellent. After selecting Datian CNC vertical machining center, the machining efficiency and accuracy have been greatly improved, from 120 pieces per day to 180-190 pieces per day, which is satisfactory to customers

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