Twelve items of 850/855 explosive machine tools can feel good quality

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2022-11-01 10:25

 Appearance: the appearance is broad and dignified, and the arc transition has changes and layers; The tool magazine is fully protected against water leakage
Flexible sliding door: the sliding door is flexible without jamming, impact, shaking and water leakage
The electrical cabinet shall be in order: the layout shall be in order, the number shall be uniform, the marks shall be clear, and the wiring shall be firm; The layout of oil and gas lines is reasonable
Column/headstock: composite column, large span, wide roller guide rail, structure has been analyzed and optimized by finite element method
Workbench/saddle: large span, high rigidity, wide roller guide rail, multi ribbed porous frame structure
Double working lights: used for lighting inside the machine tool and in the working area to improve the operation suitability
Convenient operation: processing time, quantity display, alarm display; Quick adjustment of tool magazine, convenient handling of exceptions
Excellent guide rail protection: Y direction large inclination guide rail protection, guide rail protection, automatic chip roll off and discharge
Chip removal can be optimized: front row/back row/drawer/chain row/automatic chip removal can be selected to solve the problem of chip removal pain points
The chip is stable: the vibration of the heavy cutting workbench is less than 3mm/s, and the full glass of water does not overflow,
Intelligent functions: 16 automation software/10 intelligent functions/machine tool networking for free
Identification/manual: the machine tool identification is clear and complete, and the contents of the manual comply with national standards

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