Classification and Application of Gantry Machining Center

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2022-11-01 10:30

For gantry machining centers, relevant people in the machine tool industry have some knowledge of them. Gantry machining center refers to the machining center with the spindle axis perpendicular to the workbench, which is mainly applicable to machining large parts. Gantry machining centers are relatively large machine tools. Small gantry machining centers have a stroke of more than 1000mm, and are called the terminators of large vertical machining centers.
Structure classification of gantry machining center

The gantry of the gantry machining center is composed of two columns, beams, saddles and other components. The gantry machining center can be of fixed beam type, movable beam type and movable column type according to the gantry. The beam of the top beam type gantry machining center is fixed, and the workbench moves; The beam of the moving beam type gantry machining center moves up and down, and the workbench moves back and forth; The worktable of movable column gantry machining center is fixed, and the gantry moves. Gantry machining centers are perpendicular to the spindle and the workbench, which are more suitable for machining large parts.
Application of Gantry Machining Center

Gantry machining centers belong to large machine tools, which are specially designed for processing large parts. They are mainly used in heavy industries, such as aircraft, automobiles, ships and other heavy industries. They mainly process large and complex shaped workpieces, such as beams and frames of aircraft, and some parts of large machinery. In a word, gantry machining center is a large machine tool designed for processing large and complex parts, which is applicable to all industries, especially large parts industry.


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