Comparison between three axis cnc machining center and four axis machining center

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2022-11-17 18:48

In fact, it is difficult to solve the problem of whether a three-axis CNC machining center is better or a four-axis machining center is better. There is only a problem that is not suitable for machining some kinds of parts. Basically, all three-axis machining centers can process the parts that can be processed by a four axis machining center, while the parts that can be processed by a four axis machining center may not be processed by a three-axis machining center.

CNC machine tool indexing head

Difference between three-axis machining center and four-axis machining center

The three-axis machining center has only three XYZ ordinates, while the four axis machining center has one indexing head more than the three-axis machining center. The indexing head is a common accessory of the CNC machine tool machining center, and is the best auxiliary artifact for processing complex commodities. The CNC computer operating system of the CNC machine tool machining center can be used to operate with other axes, and the key is to accurately locate the measuring range of the product workpiece. Generally speaking, the measuring range equipment of the machining center is located on the upper side of the lathe spindle. CNC machine tools and machining centers are located on the top of the x - and y-axis plan, also known as the fourth axis. Generally, the CNC machine tool machining center has three basic axes: X, Y, Z, and the other rotation and tool path axes are the fourth axis. The latter one can complete the precise positioning of the CNC cutter, the rotation of the rotary table and the indexing head. More advanced system software can also calculate the cutter radius compensation with the basic axis, and complete the four axis and five axis linkage.

850 machining center

Even if the three-axis machining center is vertical, it cannot process many faces according to the rotation of the operating platform, while the four-axis machining center is better than the three-axis machining center in these aspects. At the programming level, there is little difference between three-axis machining centers and four-axis machining centers. Operators who can actually operate three-axis machining centers can quickly get started with the actual operation of four-axis machining centers, and the difference between the actual operation is not easy.

When we choose a three axis machining center or a four axis machining center, we must make it clear according to the processing technology. Although the parts that can be processed by a three axis machining center can also be processed by four axes, there is no need to use a four axis machining center if a three axis machining center can be used. A four axis machining center is generally more expensive than a three axis machining center regardless of other equipment.

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