Air compressor air valve

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2022-11-01 10:14

Air compressor air valve



Rongde Company is a professional company with more than 20 years of production and research on compressor valve and packing. It is a member enterprise of China Compressor Association and Sinopec Network. The company has gas valve research experts, with the comprehensive ability to develop and manufacture gas valves. For a long time, Rongde has been committed to developing new products to meet the development of compressor industry. Since the first air valve patent was obtained, Rongde has continuously demonstrated its excellence in technology and originality in air valve design. In the development of high-performance products, Rongde has a series of outstanding products, among which the patented products -- anti fouling gas valve, plastic gas valve, GX Ⅰ piston ring, and sealing packing enable customers to choose three times the service life of the original products. In particular, the company's flagship product, the anti fouling gas valve, has made remarkable achievements in the fields of coal chemical industry, petroleum refining, waste gas recovery, etc., and is suitable for relatively normal operation under harsh working conditions containing a large amount of dust, tar, etc. (the service life of ordinary gas valves is more than three times). GX Ⅰ piston ring works for a long period (8000h) under the conditions of no oil or little oil lubrication under high pressure, and has achieved satisfactory results.

Machined air valve parts

Rongde Gas Valve Company used to use ordinary equipment for processing. People who can handle 4 products 8 hours a day are very tired, and there are many people, so the enterprise is under great pressure. The labor cost is increasing every year. Only one person can build one equipment. The technical requirements of personnel are also very high. It is increasingly difficult to recruit workers. The market is so large. Considering the development of the market, President Zhu bought the Tianda TX40 CNC milling machine. One person can operate 4 sets of equipment, and one person can work 50 pieces a day. The utilization rate of personnel has increased, the enterprise has developed faster, and the technical ability required by workers has declined, which has helped President Zhu solve the problem of workers and equipment. The processing efficiency has been improved, and the company has grown stronger.

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