Product Manager's Story

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2022-11-01 10:43

      There is a story about the product manager on the Internet: A friend opened a restaurant, and the business was bad, so he was pulled over. Ask him: "Do you want to do some publicity around? Do you want to do some promotion, or even change a more lively store." The product manager asked, "Did you improve the taste of the dishes last time?" The friend was upset and said, "What I discussed with you is the problem of insufficient traffic. Why do you have to concern yourself with the product? If you attract more traffic, you will make up the lost customers?"

       Many e-commerce companies are at this impetuous stage. No matter how much energy and resources they invest in online, products become the connection point between businesses and customers from the moment customers receive products. The product is not good. The higher the traffic, the faster it will die. Today's e-commerce and even the market are not the past. It is a time of few products, low customer requirements and information blockage. A good product is not necessarily successful, but without a good product, it is certainly not successful. If we can't change the quality of our products, we can only build a good website, and the results are worrying.

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