Datian's real service case - how to let customers transfer money to you

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2022-11-01 10:45

        Today, at noon, I received a warranty call from a customer who said that the knife would fall during processing and that the machine tool was out of warranty. After I hung up the phone, I thought to myself that the machine tool that was out of warranty would have to be repaired after being charged first. I thought it would explode if the customer was in such a hurry. In the afternoon, when Chen Dispatcher came back, he first learned about the situation with the other party, and then explained how to repair it in detail. He asked the customer to try to repair it himself first, otherwise it would be expensive to send someone to repair it. As a result, the customer still couldn't handle it. Then I saw the fax of the other party's remittance voucher before going off duty....



        It's too unexpected. I feel like Chen Dispatch, who lets customers operate, and then tells the other party that the simple method is worth learning. The method of convincing customers to remit money to their accounts quickly is worth learning.

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