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2022-11-01 11:16

      One day, the landlord put a mouse clip at the entrance of the barn. When the mouse saw that the situation was not good, he hurried to find Brother Cat. Said: Brother Cat, the landlord put a mouse clip at the entrance of the granary. Brother Cat answered coldly, "It's not a cat clip. It's none of my business."; Then the mouse went to look for Uncle Pig again. Uncle Pig replied, "It's not a pig trap. It's none of my business."; Then the mouse went to find Aunt Chicken. Aunt Chicken said rudely that it had nothing to do with me. You can go now; The mouse had to find Uncle Niu. Uncle Niu smiled and said, "Congratulations to your little mouse brother, so he left without saying anything.". The mouse was very impatient with everyone's irrelevant attitude, so he had to go home with low spirits. Things were hard to predict. The mouse clip caught the snake, and the snake shrank into a ball. The landlord saw that the clip caught something, so he went to collect the clip. Unexpectedly, he was bitten by a snake, and the landlord was sent to the hospital. In order to let the landlord supplement nutrition, his wife killed the chicken. A few days later, the landlord recovered, and friends and relatives came to comfort him. The landlord received many gifts. In order to entertain everyone, he killed the pig. A few days later, the landlord returned the holiday gift and killed the cow.....

      This story tells us that in our work, we should not think that other departments have nothing to do with us. In fact, each department has a symbiotic relationship. Every colleague should unite with each other, cooperate sincerely, and strive for a common goal.

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