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2022-11-01 11:18

For machining centers, whether they are domestic, Taiwan or imported, the quotation may be different for machining centers of the same brand and model. Now let Bailongqiao Technology tell you what factors affect the quotation of the machining center.
Bailongqiao Science and Technology believes that the most important factors that determine the price difference of machining centers include the difference between CNC system, spindle unit, tool magazine, wire rail and hard rail. Now, let's make a more detailed explanation one by one.
What are the factors that affect the price of a machining center?
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1、 CNC system
CNC system is the core component of the machining center, just like the human brain, all actions and programs of the machining center are completed by it. At present, there are many mainstream systems in the domestic market, and foreign system brands mainly include Siemens System in Germany, Fanuc System in Japan, and Mitsubishi System; Domestic system brands mainly include Guangzhou CNC system and Huazhong CNC system; Taiwan's system brands mainly include Baoyuan and Xindai. Different numerical control systems differ greatly in quotation. Compared with the domestic system, the Taiwan system is 10 to 20 thousand more expensive than the domestic system, the Mitsubishi system is 40 to 50 thousand more expensive, and the Fanuc system is 40 to 80 thousand more expensive. In addition, the system version is different, and the price will vary greatly.
Therefore, when selecting a CNC system, it is necessary to comprehensively consider such factors as workpiece conditions, use environment, processing technology, purchase accounting, etc. In the case of low processing requirements and budget constraints, domestic CNC systems or Taiwan's systems can be selected.
What are the factors that affect the price of a machining center?
2、 Spindle unit
The spindle is the key component of the whole machine tool, because it directly contacts the workpiece through the cutter, and plays a vital role in ensuring the final machining accuracy of the workpiece.
The price of the spindle is also closely related to the transmission mode, speed, cooling system, etc. Generally, the main shaft is equipped with oil cooling or water cooling system. The most common drive modes of the spindle are belt drive and direct drive. The direct drive is suitable for high-speed medium light cutting, while the belt drive is suitable for medium low speed medium light cutting.
What are the factors that affect the price of a machining center?
3、 Tool magazine
Tool magazine is also the main factor affecting the price of machining centers. The volume of the tool magazine and the tool change time of the tool magazine will have a certain impact on the working efficiency of a machine tool.
Most economical vertical machining centers are equipped with bamboo hat type tool magazine, while standard vertical machining centers are equipped with disk type tool magazine.
What are the factors that affect the price of a machining center?
4、 Difference between line rail and hard rail
The wire rail machining center has fast feed speed and high positioning accuracy. It is mainly used for light cutting, mostly for machining parts; The feed speed of the hard rail machining center is slower, but the machine tool is more rigid and collision resistant. It is mainly used for heavy cutting, and is mainly used for mold processing.
Now many people buy vertical machining centers and choose two lines and one hard, which can not only improve the speed but also increase the cutting force, with high cost performance.
What are the factors that affect the price of a machining center?

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