This story tells us that in our work, we should not think that other departments have nothing to do with us. In fact, each department has a symbiotic relationship.

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2022-11-01 11:18

Datian CNC: intelligent innovative production under the background of Industry 4.0
Datian CNC workshop in the creative park
Science and technology perform miracles and innovation promote development. This is vividly reflected in Datian CNC. Reviewing the 8-year development of Datian CNC, from the investment in R&D to the recognition of "national high-tech enterprise"; From several products in the early stage of entrepreneurship to more than 60 products with 13 major series; From one page product description to improvement of education and training and auxiliary marketing tool system; From the promotion of "winning through science and technology, quality oriented" to the establishment of "combination innovation" corporate culture, this is a process of forever entrepreneurship and innovation. Innovation enables the company to develop steadily and become bigger and stronger.

Product intelligence
Adapt to transformation and upgrading objectives
"Germany has proposed Industry 4.0, the United States has proposed a national strategic plan for advanced manufacturing, and China is also promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing. In this context, the traditional CNC industry is also changing, and the market has also put forward new demands for product intelligence." Wang Yuanqing, general manager of Hangzhou Datian CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., gave a detailed introduction to the intelligent production of products.
Build a digital service platform centered on manufacturing equipment for manufacturing enterprises, machine tool manufacturers and numerical control manufacturers, provide three functions of "cloud steward, cloud maintenance and cloud intelligence" based on the leading cloud numerical control model, complete the full life cycle management of manufacturing equipment from daily production to maintenance, modification and optimization, monitor equipment status and production at any time, and enjoy professional, intelligent and safe tracking services, Share advanced experience in production management, production process, equipment maintenance, etc. in the manufacturing process, so as to improve the core competitiveness of manufacturing equipment.
The robot will be popularized and applied to CNC machine tools to expand the automatic control ability of CNC machine tools and increase production and efficiency for users.
For Datian CNC, the most critical aspect of product quality on the road of transformation and upgrading is the improvement of product appearance. Including "ECG type" process optimization; Through the PLC control program, the intelligent fixture is customized to interact with the information of the control robot and the CNC machine tool; Through the secondary development and design of macro program, the user's processing technology is optimized; Establish a database of processing technology optimization schemes for typical users in the industry, improve processing efficiency, and help customers maximize the benefits of intelligent production.

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