Automatic transmission system of vertical drill pipe for land drilling rig

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2022-11-01 11:10

In recent years, countries around the world have been trying to uncover the mystery of continental crustal evolution More effectively search for resources, protect the environment, reduce disasters, and carry out deep scientific drilling in succession. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a special drilling rig for deep continental drilling that is suitable for multi process drilling method of coring drilling in complex formations. With the increase of lateral exploration depth, the number of drill pipes t required for drilling increases correspondingly, and the drilling operation time, operation cost and labor intensity also increase.
In the process of tripping, it is necessary to move the drill pipe from the racking platform to the setback or from the setback to the wellhead. The traditional operation requires the derrick man to control the drill pipe at the monkey board and move the drill pipe in or out of the drill pipe rack. When moving the drill pipe stand, the derrick man on the monkey board should reach to the wellhead center 2 to connect the stand to the traveling block (or remove it) In addition, it is necessary to constantly move the stand between the fingerboard and the wellhead center. This is one! A process with high repeatability, high labor intensity, high risk factor and low production efficiency.
The automatic drill pipe conveying system can replace manual work to complete the above process. In the process of drilling and tripping, the system is responsible for clamping, lifting, lowering, translation and rotation of drill pipe It can realize the automatic transmission of drill pipe between the drilling platform, setback and wellhead, and can also cooperate with the power assisted double hole and iron roughneck to complete the operation of single connection and root formation without direct manual participation This keeps the driller away from the danger area. The automatic drill pipe transmission system reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves the level of safe operation, reduces safety risks, and also improves the automation level and work efficiency of drill string discharge. It is an effective way to achieve safe and healthy drilling and improve drilling efficiency,
At present, there are many researches and applications on automatic transmission system abroad, but few researches and applications on automatic transmission system of drill pipe at home The transmission of drill pipe depends more on manual operation or can only realize partial automatic transmission, which is far from meeting the requirements of modern automatic drilling. In addition, the current automatic drill pipe transmission system is mainly used on offshore oil rigs, and less used on land rigs. The drill pipe drainage system has many different forms, including column type, bridge type, manipulator type, etc. The following describes a vertical drill pipe automatic transmission system applied to land drilling rigs in geological exploration. Compared with other automatic transmission systems, it has the advantages of relatively simple structure, small occupied space, wide working range and easy automatic control.

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