Features of pneumatic transmission

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2022-11-17 18:49

Pneumatic transmission and hydraulic transmission belong to two branches of fluid transmission. They are transmission technologies that take compressed air and hydraulic oil as the working medium for the most transmission and control Compared with mechanical transmission, electric transmission and other transmission technologies, pneumatic and hydraulic transmission is a new engineering technology. Because they have many advantages that mechanical transmission does not have Therefore, its development speed is fast and its application scope is more and more extensive. At present, it has been widely used in various fields of engineering technology.
1、 Pneumatic transmission
Pneumatics is also called "pneumatic technology, or" pneumatic transmission and control ". It is an engineering technology that uses the air pressure knitting machine as the power source and the compressed air as the working medium for energy transmission or signal transmission It is one of the essential means for various production control and automatic control in engineering practice. As pneumatic transmission uses compressed air as the working medium, it has the following advantages compared with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic transmission and other transmission methods
1. Because its working medium is air, it comes from Renfu, is easy to make, and is low in clothing
2. Good adaptability to working environment. The working medium of pneumatic transmission is air, so it is easy to 1. Explosive, dusty, strong magnetic, radiation, vibration and other harsh environments have no impact on the normal working bag of the pneumatic system Some occasions requiring high purification and no pollution (such as food, drug processing, light industry, textile, printing, dry density inspection A and other industries) are also suitable for the work of pneumatic system, with good working reliability and easy to realize overload protection.
3. The viscosity of air is very small (at 40 ℃, the kinematic viscosity of N32 machine oil is about u 32x10 Bm's'. v=1.689 x 10) Therefore, its energy loss in the transmission process is small, energy-saving and efficient, and it is suitable for the centralized layout of long-distance gas supply and gas sources.
4. Pneumatic transmission is sensitive, fast, easy to maintain and adjust, so it is more suitable for direct application to automatic control.
5. The pneumatic components have simple structure, good manufacturing process, low manufacturing cost, long service life, and are easy to realize "three standardization" (standardization, serialization, generalization).
Pneumatic transmission has the following disadvantages
1. Because of the compressibility of air, its movement stability is poor when the load changes
2. Its working pressure is not high (the common air source is generally 0.5-1MPa), so the quick output or torque of the pneumatic device is not large.
3. Large exhaust noise (more than 100dB)
4. Air has no h lubrication function, so oil supply lubrication device shall be set in the air circuit to lubricate the elements in the air circuit.

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