Introduction to Typical CAD/CAM Software

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2022-11-17 18:49

CAD/CAM system software is an indispensable application software to realize NC automatic programming. With the rapid development and popularization of CAD/CAM technology, various CAD/CAM support software have appeared in the market. At present, there are more than 10 kinds of mature CAD/CAM software applied in China, most of which are products developed by foreign companies. There are few independently developed software in China. Due to the difference in functions, application scope and price of various (AD/CAM) systems, the following is an introduction to some popular software.
1. MDT (Mechanical Desktop) system
MDT is a fully parametric CAD software that integrates 2D drawing and 3D modeling under Windows 95 and Windows NT environment, which was launched by Autodesk in 1996. Autodesk has integrated CAM systems of other software developers in MDT environment through cooperation with third parties For example, the EdgeCAM software of Path T~in the UK. Because MDT is similar to Auto CAD in style, and has Auto All functions of gAD (Auto CAD is the most popular D software in China), so MDT is not long coming out There are a considerable number of users in China. At the same time, MDT is seamlessly integrated with Edge CAM It can give full play to the modeling function of MDT and the professional CAM function of EdgeCAM. MDT adopts advanced full parametric feature modeling technology. The whole modeling process is consistent with human design thinking Edge CAM provides multiple machining strategies and can generate multiple tool paths based on part features.
2. UGi system
The UG port system was first developed by McDonnell Douglas Airways Developed from 2D drawing, NC machining programming, surface modeling and other functions, UGn software has a history of nearly 20 years and has a large number of users in China. UGn system itself is good at complex surface modeling and NC machining It is a leader in similar products, and has a good secondary development environment and data exchange capability. Before UG 9 V. 10, it has strong surface modeling function. The version after UG Il V. 10 has greatly enhanced the solid modeling function. The method of combining surface and solid makes the geometric modeling function of the system more flexible and convenient. The CAM module of UG Q provides the interactive programming function, through which you can get the tool position source file (CLSF). This tool path file can be edited, modified, simulated and displayed. After post-processing, NC code program can be obtained for NC machining of machine tools.
3. CAXA-ME system
CAXA-ME is a Chinese CAD/CAM software for machining 3D complex surfaces, which is independently developed by Haier Software Co., Ltd. (formerly Huazheng Mold Institute) of Beijing Aerospace University and is based on a microcomputer platform and oriented to mechanical manufacturing enterprises. The software has strong modeling function, and can read and call graphics files under various CAD software systems; In CAM It has 2-5 axis NC machining programming, tool path simulation, detection and back toe processing functions. At the same time, oil has a large share in the domestic market due to its low price.
4. CIMATRON system
CIMATRON is a CAD/CAM software provided by Israel Cimatron Company. It is an earlier system that has realized 3D CAD/CAM functions on the machine platform. It also has versions applied to workstations including SUN, SGI.DEC.HP.IMB, etc. Department
The system has flexible user interface, excellent 3D modeling function and comprehensive NC machining programming capability.
5. Master CAM System
Master CAM system is a microcomputer version CAD/CAM software developed by CNC Software Company of the United States. Master CAM is famous for its powerful NC function, which can be used for 2-5 axis milling, turning, 2 ^ - 4 axis wire FDM, fire cut, laser cut, etc. The software is widely used in mold manufacturing, especially in coastal areas of China.
This chapter will introduce its NC programming method through examples.

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