To achieve "mutual understanding" in work

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2022-11-17 18:49

Through watching an online video course, I learned a lot. It explained to us that a correct mindset has special significance for our work and life.


In fact, each of us doesn't admit that we are stupid, but we can't always do our work very well. The real reason is that there are some negative or negative thoughts in my mind, which hinder the normal development of our potential. For example, we always think that we are right, that we have been wronged, and that others have ulterior motives. In fact, this is why we can't understand others. The so-called understanding requires us to understand first, which requires us to open our hearts and let others know about ourselves, or let ourselves know about ourselves. Only by understanding can we understand and then understand, so as to jointly seek solutions to problems.



After the departure and accounts receivable check in recent days, I think most of our work is still lack of communication, during which there will inevitably be many differences of opinion and even disputes. But if we can understand each other and think in terms of position, many problems will be easier to solve. As our sales office can do is to listen, think more from the other side's standpoint, actively seek solutions to problems, let a positive attitude to overcome the negative attitude, and believe that there are more solutions than difficulties.

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