Maintenance charge and customer satisfaction of machine tools beyond warranty

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2022-11-01 10:38

        Today, a salesperson told me whether the problem of maintenance charges for machine tools outside warranty affected customer satisfaction? According to the work process of the Service Department, after receiving the machine tool warranty maintenance, the dispatcher learned the situation by telephone, preliminarily judged the reason, and charged the customer the door-to-door fees and parts fees. When the customer's money arrives, we will arrange maintenance personnel to repair the car.

        In case of big customers or difficult customers, the maintenance personnel will submit the application and pay after the  repair. However, in actual operation, some maintenance personnel will be unwilling to submit the application, but we cannot guarantee the satisfaction of customers who are difficult to deal with. According to the analysis of some foreign experts, an enterprise with 100% customer satisfaction is not a successful enterprise. The customer satisfaction of a truly successful enterprise is about 80%, because it may cost 80% to improve the remaining 20%.

        Successful profitable enterprises should focus on the satisfaction of 80% of key customers, so as to develop healthily and stably!

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