How to understand "professional"?

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2022-11-01 10:39

       When contacting strangers, the most frequently asked question is "What do you do?", A seemingly simple sentence is more complicated to answer. The answers include their own positioning, understanding of their key abilities, and the establishment of personality characteristics.

      A company exists, and there must be a wave of people "fighting fires" in and out of their busy lives, and there must also be a wave of people who idle around. The use of systems, performance and other means will achieve certain results in a period of time, but the problem of "what do you do" is not clear, it is also a temporary solution.

       We always compare foreign enterprises, how to standardize the process and how to clarify the performance, but I believe that everything is based on the premise that everyone knows what they are doing. To put it simply, we need to do "what we do is like what we do!".

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