Seeking the way to success in e-commerce?

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2022-11-01 10:41

       I have analyzed and observed many cases on the Internet, and I have seen how others succeeded in e-commerce, but I always feel that there is something missing. In combination with our own environment in reality, what the boss said and what the front-line employees said can be said to be the opposite. How can we find a breakthrough that suits us?

I think a lot and return to "dream", team and struggle "
1. If we set a goal far enough, we will lose the direction of our daily progress, and we are just doing what we did immediately to achieve online sales of machine tools.
2. Not afraid of God like opponents, but afraid of pig like teammates. Entrepreneurial teams have fewer posts, but all of them need to have high combat effectiveness. If not, they need to change their blood.

Struggle, in my opinion, is to efficiently complete daily work and actively recharge in spare time, which is enough to complete the dream.

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