Summarize the key points of office work

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2022-11-01 10:46

        Summarize the study and work in the previous paragraph, analyze the shortcomings in your work, and realize that as an office worker, you should have strong coordination, communication skills and sense of responsibility. Although these two points are being done, they are not well done. In the future work, we should strive to overcome our own shortcomings and eliminate the impact on the company. I plan to work hard in the following aspects:

1. Exercise your coordination and communication skills in work; Frequently communicate with the salesperson. After receiving the delivery information, confirm the information with the customer and communicate with the logistics company in a timely manner to ensure that the goods are loaded within 20 minutes.
2. Strictly follow the factory regulations and work responsibilities. Always remind yourself that you represent not only yourself but the whole company, ensure that the goods are delivered in a timely manner, ensure that every

3. reimbursement form is reported accurately and timely, and ensure that every work is done best.


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