Interpreting the "Monkey" Management Law

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2022-11-01 11:20

Monkey management, a complete interpretation. In addition to the following points, we should also see more in-depth content.


1、 Everyone should look after their own "monkey"
2、 Don't bother others to look after your own "monkey"
3、 In the arrangement, everyone should know their own "monkey" and feeding method.
4、 Don't try to entrust your "monkey" to others
5、 The superior should not only know which "monkeys" his subordinates are looking after, but also train their subordinates how to look after their "monkeys"
6、 "Monkey" management is not suitable for all management, especially in the early stage of the company, which requires entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial teams to take on all "monkeys"
7、 "Monkey handling" will make people become selfish. Sweeping the snow in front of the door will make the team lose vitality. Foreign countries are not the mainstream way of handling.
(A normal team should seize the responsibility of "monkeys" instead of trying to avoid others' "monkeys" from jumping into their own arms.

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