CNC gantry milling can simultaneously solve the rough machining and finish machining of moulds

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2022-11-01 11:07

Recently, I saw a post from a netizen on the forum, which roughly means, "Is there a machining center that can do both rough machining of molds and fine milling?"?
At present, the milling process of the netizen company is completely outsourced, and electric pulse and wire cutting are all done by themselves. However, there are two problems. The annual outsourcing cost is as high as one million yuan, and there is no nearby processing agency that can deliver goods on time. The efficiency is very low. I often get embarrassed with customers because the delivery is not timely. Money is a small matter. The key is to be afraid of losing old customers. Therefore, simply purchase a processing center with a length of about 1.5 meters to process by yourself.
According to the information introduced by netizens, Xiao Bian gave two suggestions:
1. Taiwan Airlines.
Taiwan Yongjin is the first choice of mold processing center, with low failure rate and many features. However, the disadvantages are also obvious. The price is too high. Enterprises need to consider cost recovery. If orders cannot be received continuously, once idle, they will suffer serious losses. And the rigidity of large vertical machining centers is also a congenital weakness, just like installing the w12 engine on Chery QQ. Even if it has good power, it is inefficient without a highly rigid structure.
2. Domestic machine.
It can be said that none of the machine tool brands can do this in China, which is capable of manufacturing 1-5 vertical tubes and meeting the requirements of rough and fine machining of moulds. Shenyang, Dalian and other brands, it is suggested that you can inquire about them. Those who know how to use these beds are basically useless.
Considering the optimization of input and output, and the processing efficiency is at the same level as that of Taiwan machine, it is recommended to know about our CNC gantry milling for molds. Several leading enterprises in Shanghai and Jiangsu have used our CNC gantry milling for mold and mold bases.
We can see the field experimental data of GS1015 CNC gantry milling in Shanghai "Jade Mold Base":
1、 Rough machining:
50mm face milling cutter, rotating speed 600/rpm; Cutting depth 1mm; Feed 4000/min; Metal removal rate 200c ㎡
2、 Finishing:
Milling the inner cavity of the mold base, the size is about 300 × two hundred and forty × 40. The dimensional accuracy is required to control 0.02mm, and the actual machining size is 0.015mm.
In terms of price, it is basically at the same price as large processing centers in Taiwan. And focus on the development of the mold industry. In terms of technical support and after-sales service, several senior executives of our company are connecting with mold enterprises at this stage. Mold processing machine tools, we have truly achieved the domestic leadership.
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