Overview of rough grinding

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2022-11-01 11:03

The blank of optical parts, which is processed to a clear optical appearance, requires three basic processes - coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing, no matter whether it is processed with loose abrasive or fixed abrasive.
Rough grinding refers to the process of processing the block or profile blank into a certain number of shapes, dimensional accuracy and surface roughness.
According to different production batches and processing conditions, the rough grinding method can select loose abrasive for manual operation, or select fixed diamond abrasive tools for active or semi-automatic machining on the milling mill. The latter has the advantages of short processing cycle, high degree of mechanization, low wear of abrasive tools, and stable processing quality. Therefore, the milling of diamond abrasive tools has gradually replaced the coarse grinding of loose abrasive.
In the 1950s, foreign countries began to choose rough milling processing methods, and today's technology is sophisticated It has replaced coarse grinding with bulk abrasive. It is reported that the milling level in the United States at this stage is: the root mean square value of the surface roughness is 0.38-0.51u5m, which is equivalent to 0.4/- 0.2/0 0, and the surface accuracy of the spherical surface is that of the ring and the trunk. Together, it can produce a variety of complete sets of milling mills, and the operating accuracy and automation of milling mills are constantly improving. The milling mills produced by LOM Optical Machine Tool Factory and CMV Company of France have a high reputation in the world.
China began to introduce milling mills from abroad in the mid-1960s. Months ago. The rough grinding process of most domestic optical plants has been widely processed by milling mills. The surface roughness of the workpiece after milling is 3.2/-- 1.6/, and the surface accuracy can meet the requirements of fine grinding, but the processing quality is good. Unstable, often requires manual repair. Milling, grinding and leaking puppets produced in China are basically evil. However, consistent standards and further refinement are required. In addition, many abrasive tool manufacturers can supply a variety of standard diamond grinding wheels, but need to improve quality and reduce costs.    
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