Composition of machine tool transmission system

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2022-11-01 11:02

There are many transmission forms of machine tools. Mechanical transmission is widely used in machine tools due to its advantages of convenient rotation, reliable performance, accurate transmission ratio, etc Especially on machining center machine tools. The transmission system in the form of mechanical transmission usually consists of the following parts:
1. Constant ratio transmission mechanism
The organization with a fixed transmission ratio often uses belt, gear, worm and worm gear, chain drive and other methods for speed increase, speed decrease and power transmission. For example, as shown in Figure 4-9, the belt transmission between the motor y gearbox and the reducer in the transmission system of JP15.4 polishing machine, and the worm and worm gear transmission pair in the reducer are all classified as fixed ratio transmission
2. Speed change mechanism
Variable speed organization is used to change the rotation speed or speed of motion execution organization to meet different processing requirements
Sliding gear speed change organization and mechanical stepless speed change organization are commonly used in mechanical transmission system. For example, the gearbox in the polishing machine transmission system shown in Figure 4-9 uses the combination of sliding gears in different directions to enable the workpiece spindle to achieve three different rotational speeds. The drive system of XM13 spherical milling mill shown in Fig. 3-5 uses a steel ring stepless transmission. After a constant ratio transmission pair, the workpiece spindle can achieve a stepless speed regulation scale of 3.5-35r/min
3. Start stop, reversing and braking mechanism
The start stop organization is used to control the start and stop of the movement performance organization, and generally adopts the method of clutch or a connection of start stop motor.
The reversing organization is used to change the direction of motion of the exercise organization. The function of the braking organization is to stop the movement of the moving parts as soon as possible after blocking the moving source, so as to reduce the assisting time
4. Control mechanism
The starting and stopping, speed changing, reversing and braking of the machine tool transmission cable system can only be realized through the corresponding operating mechanism
5. Lubrication and sealing device
In order to ensure the normal operation of the transmission system of the machine tool, good lubrication and reliable sealing devices must be provided
Please refer to the page for the design program content of the relevant transmission system, and further explanation will be made at that time!

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