How to repair the rail wear of high-speed gantry milling machine?

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2022-11-01 10:05

Most high-speed gantry milling machine guides are made of steel or cast iron. These guides have scratches and should be repaired, otherwise the scratches will expand or even affect the machine tool. When using the machine tool guide rail and other friction pairs for a long time, due to the different friction degree between the two contact surfaces, the friction pair surface has varying degrees of wear, which seriously affects the machining accuracy and production efficiency. Machine tool. For the repair of machine tools and other worn parts, metal plates and polymer materials are usually used for inlay or replacement, which requires not only a lot of processing and manufacturing, but also manual scraping of the surface. Many repair processes have a long construction period.
Polymer composite is a composite of polymer, metal or ceramic superfine powder, fiber, etc., and is mixed with curing agent and curing accelerator. All kinds of materials complement each other in performance and produce synergistic effect, which makes the overall performance of composite materials superior to the original materials. It has strong adhesion, mechanical properties and chemical resistance, and is widely used for mechanical wear, scratches, pits, cracks, leaks, sand hole repair of metal equipment, as well as various chemical tanks. Chemical corrosion protection and repair of reaction tank and pipeline.
The internationally advanced polymer 2211F metal repair material is used to repair the scratches on the guide rail of the high-speed gantry milling machine. It only takes a few hours to repair the scratched part of the guide rail and put it into use. The repair process steps are as follows:
1. Bake the scratches with oxygen acetylene flame (main temperature, avoid surface annealing), bake the oil on the metal surface for many years, and then bake until there is no spark.
2. The scraper surface is treated with an angle grinder, the grinding depth is greater than 1mm, and the groove is polished along the guide rail, which is a dovetail groove (as shown in the figure). The drilling at both ends is deepened to change the force.
3. Clean the surface with absorbent cotton, acetone or absolute ethanol.
4. Evenly smear 2211F on the scraping surface; This layer shall be thin, uniform and completely covered with the scratched surface to ensure good adhesion between the material and the metal surface, then the material shall be applied to the whole repaired part and repeatedly pressed to ensure that the material is filled to the required thickness to make it slightly higher than the rail surface.
5. The material can fully meet the 24-hour performance at 24oC. In order to save time, the temperature can be increased through the halogen tungsten lamp. The curing time will be reduced by half when the temperature rises by 11 ℃, and the curing temperature is 70oC.
6. After the material is solidified, use a fine grinding knife or scraper to repair the material above the guide rail surface and complete the construction.

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