What is the difference between CNC engraving machine and CNC milling machine

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2022-11-01 10:06

The development of CNC engraving machine in China has been several years, and now relevant processing plants and users have been paying attention to this trend. As users, we must choose the right equipment. If there is no right choice, it will not only make money, but also lead the company into an embarrassing situation.
The English name of engraving machine is CNC engraving and e-milling machine. Strictly speaking, engraving is part of milling. Buying engraving machines or CNC milling machine machining centers is a problem we often encounter.
We must first make clear the differences between models:
1. CNC milling machine and machining center are used to complete the processing of large-scale milling products.
2. Engraving machine is suitable for small milling or light metal processing
From the perspective of CNC system used by machine tools
1. Requirements for CNC milling machine and machining center of CNC system: stable and reliable, easy to operate and maintain. Now the CNC systems in the market are mainly concentrated on FAGOR, FANUC, MITISUBISH and Siemens controllers. Some European devices use Heidehain. Regulator
2. Most engraving machines use industrial controllers independently developed or purchased by enterprises.
From the perspective of the power of each axis of the machine tool and the spindle speed
1. The power of each axis of the CNC milling machine and machining center is relatively large, and the power of the spindle is also relatively large. The taper shank of the spindle is about 30, 40, 50. Some foreign machine tools use HSK taper shank or smaller 20 taper shank. It can meet the general milling, drilling and tapping processes. The spindle speed is generally 8000RPM, which is also the form of electric spindle. The speed can reach 20000-60000 RPM, but the corresponding price is relatively high.
2. Most engraving machines use small power motors. The spindle speed is relatively fast, about 30000 revolutions, while the diameter of larger tools is only about 10mm.
Conclusion: Most engraving machines are used in the engraving industry. Some die and mould industries also use this machine tool to promote engraving and carving on materials, as well as milling with small cutting amount. Most machining centers are used in the machining industry. There are many such equipment in the mold industry. This kind of machine tool is also used for processing precision parts and small batches of various machine tools. Therefore, when selecting machine tools, you must first find your own products, and then select the appropriate products according to the products.

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