Introduction to the characteristics of optical processing machine tools

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2022-11-01 11:01

There are many similarities between optical processing machine tools and metal cutting machine tools in terms of machine tool functions and layout. For example, the machine tool should ensure that the workpiece and the cutting object have certain relative orientation and relative motion contact in the processing process. The machine tool should have transmission, organization and layout to complete the surface forming movement and auxiliary movement However, because the processing target of optical processing machine tool is different from that of metal cutting machine tool, it has the following characteristics:
1. Mainly used to process brittle optical glass materials with high hardness;
2. The finishing process (fine grinding or polishing) of the parts to be processed is mostly formed processing, with high processing accuracy and appearance quality. However, the demand for the precision of the machine tool is not high, and the demand for the grinding tool (or mold) is high. Therefore, the layout of the machine tool is relatively simple, and the precision is not high;
3. The cutting method of the machine tool is mainly grinding, and most of them use diamond as the grinding tool;
4. The grinding speed of the machine tool is very high. For example, the required speed is up to 20000r/min, and the maximum linear speed is up to 35m/s -,
5. The feed motion speed of the machine tool is low. For example, some work-piece shafts can only rotate for a few minutes in circular feed, and some linear feed motion requires less than 1mm in a minute;
6. Because the shape of the parts to be processed is simple, the machine tool is easy to complete automation, assembly line and automatic line production.
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