Optical inspection devices and types of CNC machine tools

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2022-11-01 11:01

Optical detection equipment is the most vertical and extensive detection equipment of the elbow at present. This type of detection equipment is intended to monitor the functional components of the production system by measuring the deformation, displacement, speed and other physical quantities of the production system after the change of the detection light information and the disposal of the light information. This kind of equipment includes: laser interferometer, grating, and computer programmer.
1. Laser interferometer
It is a measuring instrument described according to the principle of plate drying. The high monochromaticity, high directivity and high coherence of the laser light source are used to measure various eagles based on the optical forging wavelength, with high measurement accuracy. In particular, the new type laser interferometer uses a frequency stabilized dual frequency neon diffuser as the light source, which improves the anti-interference function of the instrument and the reliable parts for operation. It is mainly used for fine measurement of machine tool errors
2. Grating
The operation is carried out according to the composition principle of physically moire fringes (i.e. stacked grating fringes), which are divided into two categories: circular grating and long grating. They have high resolution, large range, strong anti-interference ability, and are suitable for dynamic measurement, automatic measurement and digital display. The measurement accuracy can reach several microns. They are the orientation detection reaction elements that are widely used in the feed servo mechanism of high-precision CNC machine tools.
3. Mother knitting apparatus
Also known as pulse generator or code disc, it is a measuring device that divides a disc into several equal parts according to a certain programming method, and uses electronic, photoelectric or electromagnetic equipment to convert the numbers on each equal part representing the measured displacement into a two digit system or other expressions that are easy to use. It has high accuracy It has the advantages of compact layout and reliable operation. It is a commonly used angular displacement digital detection equipment in the servo system of fine digital controller.
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