The fifth reason for choosing Datian CNC -- configuration

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2022-11-01 11:00

All machine tools (machining centers, CNC milling machines, gantry milling machines, gantry machining centers) of Datian CNC have good configuration options to meet the different needs of different customers, which is one of the reasons why customers choose Datian!
CNC system: domestic system, Taiwan system, imported system
Drive motor: domestic servo, Taiwan servo, imported servo
Spindle motor: gear speed change (265 ~ 1815rpm), variable frequency speed regulation (100 ~ 3000/200 ~ 6000rpm), servo spindle (25 ~ 8000rpm), electric spindle (the maximum speed can be specified by the user)
Open loop control: drilling and milling
Closed loop control: tapping and boring
Tool change mode: boom broach, pneumatic tool change, automatic tool change
Protection form: worktable protection, half shield protection, full shield protection
The flexible machine tool configuration allows users to select the best cost-effective machine tool according to the actual use needs, so as to achieve the minimum investment and maximum return.
Other special configurations
1. Extended worktable
2. Column heightening
3. Add rotary shaft to realize 4-axis and 5-axis machining
4. Double spindle machine tool, double spindle milling machine, double spindle lathe
5. Spindle oil cooling
6. Spindle annular water outlet, spindle center water outlet
7. Heat exchanger and air conditioner installed in electric cabinet
8. Tool setting instrument
Datian CNC machine tools (machining center, CNC milling machine, gantry milling machine, gantry type machining center) are very good in other special configuration requirements, and it is difficult for ordinary manufacturers to have such flexible configuration as Datian. Some customers think it is a difficult problem. Through the improvement of special configuration, Datian becomes very simple and the cost is not high, so many customers choose Datian machine tools.

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