CNC gantry milling machine GS series sharp tool in mold base industry

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2022-11-01 10:59

Users in the mold base industry in Shanghai have achieved success at one stroke


Advantages of CNC gantry milling machine in rough machining of mold base:
1. GS adopts the "door" structure design, and the efficiency of large-scale vertical roughing is significantly increased by more than 35% compared with the same period.
2. The throat depth of GS spindle is reduced by 30% - 40%, which is suitable for heavy cutting of ferrous metals with high torque.
3. The column with low height shall be selected and the bench pad shall be used. Shorten ram extension length


Advantages of GS CNC gantry milling machine in mold base finishing:

1. The worktable is 100% supported on the machine bed, with excellent dynamic characteristics and effective dimensional accuracy of 0.015mm. The Japanese Fanuc 0I system is used to open the AICC high speed and high precision function, regardless of two-dimensional tool path machining or curved surface bevel.

2. The processing can achieve the best system processing operation effect

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