Concept and importance of differentiated marketing

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2022-11-01 10:57

      At present, Datian CNC attaches great importance to the differentiated marketing of products. The so-called differentiation refers to that enterprises create particularity that can trigger customer preference through various methods on the products provided to customers, so that customers can effectively distinguish it from similar products provided by other competitive enterprises, so as to achieve the purpose of enabling enterprises to occupy a favorable position in the market competition.
The marketing strategy of differentiated products is of great importance:
1. Differentiation can create and cultivate its own unique market segments for enterprises.
2. Differentiation helps to improve customer loyalty
3. Differentiation is conducive to improving sales performance and increasing profits.
4. Differentiation is conducive to cultivating the comparative competitive advantage of enterprises and promoting the development of enterprises.
The classification of differentiated products mainly includes: 1. product price positioning differentiation; 2. Technology differentiation; 3. Functional differentiation; 4. Cultural differentiation. Datian CNC is mainly engaged in technology differentiation - actively tracking the development trend of world science and technology and technology in the same industry, studying the latest scientific and technological development trend of equipment and raw materials required by the enterprise, making correct technical and product decisions, and determining what new products to develop.
Datian CNC proposes efficient composite machine tools to meet the urgent needs of the current society:
1. The demand for labor has reached a turning point, and labor is no longer cheap;
2. Labor mobility increases management cost and management difficulty;
3. The desire of employees to increase their salaries urgently requires efficient machine tools;
4. Machine replacement is the policy guidance of the government in the new era;
5. The return of manufacturing industry in western countries urgently requires China to improve labor productivity;
6. High efficiency compound machine tool is the new trend of international machine tool technology.

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