The concept of "high efficiency machining" of Datian CNC.

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2022-11-01 10:56

Datian CNC is vigorously promoting the concept of "efficient machining".
We believe that we all know the current market situation in the manufacturing industry. Now we have encountered a continuously depressed market. I believe that the situation in the second half of the year is not optimistic. It is hard to predict whether it will be better in the first half of next year or the whole year.
These days, interbank lending rates are rising and liquidity is tightening, which is a good illustration of this. The state forces the financial industry not to lend blindly, and enterprises cannot borrow money. How can the real economy develop? "Strengthening the economy" has also shown that economic development does not depend on investment and monetary easing policies. Then, if you want to survive and even develop in the manufacturing industry under such a tight market situation, it is important to make the products distinctive. If you have no characteristics and differentiation, you will certainly have no competitiveness in the market.
According to the cutting marketing theory, you can either be the first or the only. If we do 850, and Shenyang and Dalian do 850, and these big brands have already run assembly lines, with a monthly production of hundreds of units and low procurement costs, how can we do to remain invincible in the competition? We cannot compete with them. Only by competing with them with differentiated products can we survive and develop in such a depressed market environment.
Since the second half of last year, Datian CNC has been widely discussed within the enterprise, thinking about many development routes, such as developing high-precision equipment, developing large-scale equipment, etc. In addition to the strategic needs of some large enterprises, private enterprises like Datian are not suitable for the development of high-precision machine tools in our country.
First of all, although I think there are some technical problems, the most important one is the problem of some functional parts. At present, high-end lead screw, wire rail, tool magazine, spindle and controller are mainly imported. If China wants to develop high-end equipment, it should first develop and solve the problem of functional components, which is not something that enterprises of such scale and strength can do.
After careful consideration, we finally put our development ideas on the "high efficiency" that our customers need. Because I believe that in a manufacturing country like China, too many customers do not necessarily pursue high accuracy, but they will certainly pursue efficiency.
Why? Because the labor is expensive now! In Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, an operator does not have a salary of four or five thousand. I'm afraid he will not do it. In addition, it is difficult to manage personnel management, and the mobility is very high. Now it is workers who choose enterprises, not enterprises who choose people. So, in the process of communicating with some customers, I put forward a concept of "fewer people" to customers. The customer was very excited and said that I needed to be "less popular". How can we do if there are few people? It means high efficiency. To improve the efficiency of the machine tool, one machine can be used as two. If not, one machine can be used as one and a half. Improve efficiency and reduce personnel.
On the basis of high efficiency, we propose eight categories of differentiated products. Starting from the needs of customers, we re classify the products of Datian CNC into high-speed and high efficiency, high rigidity and high efficiency, high torque efficiency, multi spindle efficiency, multi station efficiency, intelligent efficiency, turnkey engineering efficiency and industry specific efficiency to meet the needs of different customers and help customers improve processing efficiency.

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